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Mine Action Bulletin: February 2015

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NCBL is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of the Mine Action Bulletin for February 2015. In this issue, you will find a wealth of information about NCBL’s current projects, advocacy initiatives, as well as the most recent events and conferences. This bulletin details how NCBL has been instrumental in the provision of Mine Risk Education in several districts over the past year. Furthermore, NCBL has organized a number of advocacy events in the year 2014, which sought to garner support for the Mine Ban Treaty, the Convention of Cluster Munitions, the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, and policy measures to support the rights of persons with disabilities. This issue of the Mine Action Bulletin also presents the personal stories of survivors who have struggled to overcome trauma, connect with peers, and generate a sufficient livelihood. These stories exemplify the resilience and determination of survivors and also demonstrate how small grants and other forms of assistance from NCBL have been instrumental in the lives of survivors. Don’t miss out on NCBL’s most recent events, conferences, interviews, projects, and more… read the Mine Action Bulletin today!

For download: Mine Action Bulletin – February 2015