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International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance

Brochure for April 4Today, April 4th is International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance, and in celebration NCBL has come up with the top 5 reasons why Nepal should join the Mine Ban Treaty this year!

1. Nepal has been landmine free since June 2011. This means that half of the job is already done! All of the efforts could be focused on the other clauses of the treaty like victim assistance and mine risk education.

2. Survivors of landmines need assistance for rehabilitation and for reintegration. NCBL and other dedicated organizations are working hard to assist survivors, however policies implemented by the government could vastly improve the quality of life of survivors and their families.

3. 162 countries have already signed the Mine Ban Treaty. Nepal is one of the few that has not yet signed, which means there are lots of other countries to follow the example of.

4. NCBL and other organizations are dedicated to this cause and have already spent decades working towards a mine free Nepal, making the job a little bit easier for the federal government.

5. The treaty protects innocent civilians. Landmines target innocent lives, and eliminating them and protecting victims makes Nepal a safer place to live.

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