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After several individual meetings with the ministers, officials of ministries, the UNDP, and the Embassies, the Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) organized a national seminar on ” Constitutional Rights, Sustainable Development Goal and Challenges of Landmines” on November 11th of 2016, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction. During the program, the Advocate of Supreme Court and Vice President of Nepal Bar Association, Mr. Tika Ram Bhattarai and Purna Shova Chitrakar from NCBL, presented papers on constitutional rights, sustainable development goals and challenges of landmines. Furthermore, the representatives of the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, and various organizations expressed their opinion on the matter. The participants were from the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, members of the Survivor’s Network, human rights activists, professionals, UNDP, Journalists, etc.

During the program, the Survivor’s Network presented the Survivors Declaration and demanded to the Nepal government to accede Mine Ban Treaty and assist victims. The survivors are from the Nepal army, the Nepal police army, formal combatants and civilians, and they represent the core group of survivors. During the Survivors Declaration, the survivors urged the government to join the treaty immediately and to provide support for the physical rehabilitation and economic integration of the landmines victims.

Similarly, NCBL is going to organize two events soon :

1. Delegation to the Ministers

2. Painting and photo exhibition.