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101st International Women’s Day

NCBL, on the ocassion of the 101st International Women’s Day (8th March 2012), organized a symposium on “Women, Security and Peace”. The symposium was organized under the campaign “Lend Your Leg for Banning Indiscriminate Weapons”. This month long campaign will end on 4th April 2012.

On the ocassion, chief guest and former minister Mrs. Urmila Aryal said, “The government should improve investment on women issues related to education, health and employment. Improving these qualities will reduce violence on women.” She added, “NCBL has been campaigning against landmines and for women’s rights for a long time. I admire and support this campaign and would like to show my support by lending my leg.”

Former minister Mr. Suresh Malla, on a slightly religious note, said, “Societies respecting women make the gods happy. This brings further wisdom and goodwill” He added, “I wish to see the rights of women to be secured. Eliminating poverty is important to achieve this. Landmines is such a weapon that makes people poor. These weapons should be banned immediately.”

Mrs. Mina Sharma, representative of the “Search for Common Ground”, released a video documentary prepared on Mrs. Purna Shova Chitrakar and her endeavors at the NCBL. This documentary also celebrates Mrs. Chitrakar’s N-Peace award win. Mrs. Sharma at the symposium said, “Other organizations’ programs generally highlight their works only, but NCBL goes further and focuses on the changes that their works bring to the society. NCBL always seems happy improving livelihoods of victims, women and children. This is different about NCBL and I would like to extend our support to the NCBL.”

The event saw participation of representatives from the ICRC and other various organizations. All participants wore three-colored (from the Nepali flag) ribbons on their arms to show their support for the “Lend Your Leg” program.