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Field Visit to Dhading District – Girl Child Education Scholarship Program Continues.

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, NCBL staff members Nelupa Wijesundera and Helaine Boyd visited two schools in Dhading Besi, Dhading District to provide further scholarships to students under NCBL-WODES’s Girl Child Education Scholarship Program.

Throughout this day, NCBL staff members visited 2 schools – The New Kibou Boarding High School and the Advance Academy. 4 students were given scholarships, 3 of which came from New Kibou, and 1 from Advance Academy.

Unfortunately, the majority of the students were not able to pick up their scholarships directly from NCBL staff as heavy rains and the holiday Krishna Janmashtami prevented the girls and their families from travelling into the city from their homes.

However, Rupa Shrestha, pictured below, is one student scholarship candidate from New Kibou that came to her school to receive her blue NCBL-WODES backpack full of school supplies.

The backpack includes pens, pencils, colour pencils, a pencil shaver, an eraser, a geometry case, a pack of lined paper, school books, a complete school uniform comprised of socks, shoes, a sweater and belt, a diary, and school calendar.

The scholarship that NCBL provides also includes monetary fees to pay for the student’s admission, monthly tuition, examination and sports fees required by their school. NCBL staff met with the accountant and vice principal of the schools to hand out the monetary portion of the scholarship as well as the remaining backpacks that the other scholarship candidate students were unable to pick up directly.

So far this year, NCBL has provided scholarships to a total of 7 students from Dhading District alone. The goal for next year is to provide another 15 students from Dhading District with scholarships, though this number is inevitably up to funds raised.

Scholarship candidates are selected based on an application that they submit to the NCBL board committee. NCBL board members review the students’ applications and select candidates based on their past conflict history and economic background. Students that are chosen to be given scholarships are usually from conflict-affected families and/or come from a poor economic background.

A total of 28 girls from Dhading District have received scholarships from NCBL-WODES in the past, 8 of which participated in NCBL-WODES’s 2-day capacity building workshop for ‘Young Women for Change’ that took place in July 2012. Sujana Adhikari, an alumna of the Girl Child Education Scholarship Program from Dhading District helped facilitate this 2-day workshop.

Two alumni Sujana Adhikari and Shrijana Subedi from Dhading District have also participated in Mines Action Canada’s Youth Leadership, Education and Action Program (LEAP), which brings together youth involved in mine action around the world to share experiences and build capacity. Shrijana Subedi now lives and works in Australia.

These scholarships are part of NCBL’s Girl Child Education Program in partnership with Women Development Society (WODES). This is all made possible by local donations fundraised by NCBL-WODES.