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Goat Livelihoods Training in Dang District

From July 21 to 25, 2013, the Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) traveled to Dang district to conduct the first phase of its Goat Livelihoods Program entitled: “Poverty Alleviation through Income Generation from Goat Farming.” Partnering with local livestock experts Krishna Paudel and Govinda Nepali, NCBL conducted community empowerment trainings with 50 families in five conflict-affected villages: Chailahi, Dharna, Satbaria, Rajpur and Ghorahi.


Goats are an important source of sustainable income generation and a cornerstone of rural life in Nepal. They can be bred and sold for meat in the market, help save foreign currency and offer a high nutritional value to local communities. Goat dung is also used for fertilizer to grow vegetables and skins can be sold to make bags and shoes. Culturally, goats play a significant role in Hindu religion as sacrifices at marriages and the annual Deshain festival. In post-conflict situations, goat farming is a powerful means of victim assistance, development and peace-building that allows survivors to return to their normal lives.

Yet many people in remote and conflict-affected communities are unable to access the economic and social benefits of this animal. The 10-year conflict in Nepal claimed not only individual victims, but also impacted entire communities who lost farmable land and agricultural labourers. Poverty remains one of the most visible and destructive scars of war. It is for this reason that NCBL prioritizes sustainable livelihood projects as a core tenant of its victim assistance and peace-building programs.


This week’s trainings provided 10 women in each community with information and skills needed to establish a goat farming cooperative. Participants learned about the best breeds of goat, how to build and maintain goat shelters, lease and grow grass fields for grazing, feed goats a healthy combination of grass and grains, prevent and treat goat disease and organize cooperatives. In September, NCBL will return to distribute 200 goats for 50 families. In phase two of the project, participants will be expected to breed enough goats for 50 new participants to establish a goat farming cooperative in their community.

Initial feedback on the trainings has been extremely positive. One group told NCBL that they are so eager to get started on planning the shelters that they couldn’t sleep the night we left. NCBL would like to thank the Poverty Alleviation Fund as well as its local staff in Dang – Prakash Sapkota, Metmani Chaudhari, Sanjana Chhetri and Meena Gurung – for making this project possible. For updates and news on this project visit, ‘like’ the NCBL Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.


Livestock expert Krishna demonstrates how to build a shelter that keeps goats happy and healthy



Group work: Participants work together to brainstorm the indicators and solutions to poverty in their community

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  1. Dilip Ghimire says:

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    My name is madhav phuyal currently I am in London . I am planning to start a goat farm after I return back to Nepal . I am gathering all the necessary information via YouTube and Internet . Although I am able to grab and store some information I feel incomplete . So I would like your help . I am coming to Nepal on April . After I come there I would love to participate in one of training programme about goat and it’s modern farm methods . My aim is to meet the supply of 10% demand . I will look forward to hear from you

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    i want to goat commercial goat farming. hamro ghar goat farming ko lagi payak parne area ma 6 . meat selling kaha kasari garnu parne ho . please advice me. i hope your further advice. thanks. sp chaudhary saptari phattepur.

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    would like to take goatery training and run goatery farm in future

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    I am also intredyed for goat i want to know in which time you are going to traning.

  6. chhatra b basnrt says:

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    Iam intrested for goat farming do i eould like to take goat farming training.