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WODES on International Women’s Day 2018

International Women's day - WODES

Ban Landmines Nepal Campaign’s collaborative organization, the Women Development Society (WODES), is proud to present their official International Women’s Day (IWD) poster for 8 March 2018.

It is WODES’ mission to express their enthusiasm for this significant day of pride, recognition and endeavouring. As per WODES’ values of dedicating their fiscal and social resources towards the development of women and girls with disabilities, they stand in solidarity with IWD.

WODES equally believes in achieving greater personal and professional opportunities for the women and girls at hand via the political realm. The organization strives to enhance Nepalese law and public policy as an approach to eliminating implicit discriminatory legal practices regarding accessibility issues. For instance, complete blindness and spinal cord injuries should be considered a ‘Group A’ category and facilities should be provided by the government and state.

The following statements highlight the WODES’ calls to action on behalf of women and girls with disabilities in Nepal on International Women’s Day and beyond. It is their mission to convey a message that represents a turning point in the voice women and girls with disabilities have in the formation and implementation of Nepal’s laws and policies. The motto from the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, “Nothing about Us without Us” is one that powerfully resonates with WODES.

  • We want to raise awareness for equal love and treatment of all children by the family and communities members.
  • We want to be able to understand and benefit from our rights.
  • We want to have indiscriminate access to facilities and resources that are legally available to us in our society.
  • We want proper access to communication platforms including TV, Radio and Internet.
  • We want technical, vocational and basic education.
  • We want trainings on various capacity building subjects.
  • We want to show that we can meaningfully help change our society.
  • We want access to supporting materials i.e. White-sticks, Wheelchairs, Braille facilities etc.
  • We want the reservation-seats allocated for us in various sectors.
  • We want job opportunities for graduated girls according to our capacity.
  • We want the government to enforce policies and laws in favour of us.
  • We want to be actively involved in social activities and want to contribute to build our society.
  • We want disabled friendly buildings, schools, hospitals and other public places.
  • We want to put an end to all type of violence against us.