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Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

International Womens Day

On behalf of the Women Development Society in collaboration with Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal, we would like to wish humans of all races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, socio-economic statuses, and sexualities a joyous, reflective, and engaging International Women’s Day 2018!

Today in Kathmandu, streets were filled with rallies, minds were filled with drive, and hearts were filled with passion. Worldwide, social media platforms were positively overwhelmed with eclectic narratives while faces were radiating with hope, conversations with conviction, discussions with intention, and organizations with messages of action.

It is not only the duty of women to express their gratification for the brilliantly strong women in the past and present who have embraced their vulnerability, sacrificed their lives, challenged the status quo, and created safe spaces for women to speak up. It is also the duty of men to lift the spirits, join the feminist movement with authenticity, recognize the gender gap, and consequently, demand for change.

Every woman has a story. Each one acts as a catalyst to generating a more inclusive and diverse panorama of a woman’s reality that affirms that no woman stands alone. Today is the day to share these stories and perspectives with pride as a way to spark that confidence within every woman to stand up to the prejudices and systemic inequalities they have endured since the beginning of history. Injustices have been conquered in Nepal, such as voting and reproductive rights, however, immense efforts must still be made to further reduce the prevalent gender discrepancy.

For instance, Nepal’s 2015 Constitution includes certain sections ensuring women’s participation in politics, but its practice and the meaningfulness behind the involvement is undoubtedly flawed. The government does not provide substantial resources to provide women of all Nepali castes and regions, rural and urban, the support to be enthused, motivated or even interested about Nepal’s political affairs, whether it be national, provincial or local. Organizations whose missions’ revolve around women empowerment and knowledge & skill dissemination must sustain the acceleration for gender parity in spheres of life parallel to the imperative help of its fellow advocates, donors and online allies who flow on similar wavelengths. It is not just about policy reform and legislation, but about a shift in cultural norms and societal expectations through civil & compassionate deliberation in the home, workplace and beyond.

All in all, is it the TIME to redefine what it means to be a woman and reevaluate what they are capable of. Today let us all #PressforProgress for the women of this generation and the countless more who shall graciously follow.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Bahram Jam says:

    Thank you for the post. As a man I want to ensure that you have my full support on this day and everyday.
    Thank you for bringing light and attention to the issues that will one day no longer be required.

  2. Jasbin Shrestha says:

    It was such a lovely read. THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT .

  3. Mitra Jam says:

    Thank-you Nadia,
    Thank-you to strong women!
    May we know them
    May we raise them
    AND may we be them!
    I am fortunate to say I have raised 3 of them.