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Survivors meeting at Kathmandu

New Microsoft Office PowerPoint PresentationThe Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal organized a meeting of survivors at the NCBL office on 7 May 2018 with the aim to share the further development of SNV project, disseminate the information of NCBL activities, government update, and evaluation of the impact of survivor’s delegation to the government.

Discussion and conclusion:

SNV project: It was big success program. That program changed the lives of survivors to start entrepreneurship, building network, psycho –social help, and advocacy to the government. The survivors are sustaining their activities.

NCBL activities:
NCBL shared about the activities done in the past and current activities. NCBL also shared the Asia Pacific level meeting in Taiwan.
Government update:
The government has yet acceded the MBT and CCM. The role of survivors is important to push the government.

Evaluation of the impact of survivor’s delegation to the government:
With the leadership of NCBL a delegation of survivors was organized in November 2016 to the minister of Peace and Reconstruction, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Human Rights Commission. After the delegation the NCBL organized follow up meetings with the stakeholders. As a result Human Rights Commission recommended to the government to address the issue of survivors and assist adequately. Addressing the survivor’s demand the government reevaluated the percentage of injury (body damaged) and provided monthly basis survival allowances as compensation. 472 civilians, some armies and police are receiving allowances.

Future program for survivors:
After the discussion, the group came to conclusion that survivors assistance must be continue. There are many ways to assist. Livelihood and small entrepreneurship activities, trainings, education, healthcare, support for artificial limbs and support materials, exposure visits , advocacy activities for the protection and promotion of their rights are very important. Sports are also important for survivors and PWDs for physical, mental development and their social dignity.