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A discussion program on Sustainable Peace: Challenges of Improvised Explosive Devises and Its Solution

RAJ_8854~1 RAJ_8776~1 RAJ_8820~1 RAJ_8783~1 RAJ_8796~1 RAJ_8798~1 RAJ_8801~1 RAJ_8819~1 RAJ_8822~1 RAJ_8826~1 RAJ_8830~1 RAJ_8880~1The Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL) organized a discussion program on Sustainable Peace: Challenges of Improvised Explosive Devises and Its Solution on 13 November 2018. In that program Mr. Krishna Kumar Tamang, Retired Additional Inspector General of Armed Force Police presented a paper on that theme.

Purna Shova Chitrakar, Coordinator of Ban Landmines Campaign Nepal (NCBL), Mr. Narayan Datta Paudel, Deputy Inspector General (Armed Force Police), Mr. Dipak Pokharel, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Human Rights Section, Mr Prakash Thapa, Lt. Col, Nepal Army shared their views.

In the discussion differences among landmines, cluster munition and IEDs and IEDs with sensitive fuse, Victim Activated and Command detonated mines, AP mines covers in definition of Ottawa Treaty and their impact, the urgency of joining MBT and its universalization, the obligations of states parties etc were discussed.

In the program the Chief Guest Hon. Krishna Bhakta Pokharel, president Parliament Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights promised to take the issue in his committee and welcome NCBL for further discussion among the committee members.

Dipendra Bahadur Singh, representatives from National Human Rights Commission promised to follow up the last order to the Government to join the treaty and send order again.

Security persons shared their experiences of demining and mine risk education and shared that there could be a few number of mines in the ground due to misplaced by the landslides before demining. They also shared their experiences that due to internal misunderstanding, open border use of IEDs is continuing. They shared that they are continuing MRED to make aware and protect the civilians and they want to collaborate with NCBL.

Around 50 participants including the umbrella organizations such as Alliance for Human Rights, Beyond Beijing Committee, nationwide student union such as All Nepal Free Student Union, Nepal Teachers Association and representatives  from political parties.

Lokantar online, Janata news, Janata Telivision, Rising Nepal covered the news. Before the event Nepalpati online news published one of my article and Janata TV published interview.