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Mine Risk Education

Mine Risk Education

Over the past decade, NCBL has been organizing mine risk education (MRE) workshops throughout Nepal. Most recently, in 2011, NCBL partnered with UNICEF to provide refresher MRE training to the district focal points in 45 districts. In the same year, NCBL collaborated with the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction in successfully carrying out MRE through Local Peace Committees in various districts. NCBL has also organized similar MRE programs in the past in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. MRE training brings many benefits at the individual, community, and national level. On the individual level, civilians have a better awareness on the dangers of mines within their local area and have the knowledge to prevent injuries or deaths from explosive remnants of war (ERW). MRE training often involves mine victims and other conflict-affected individuals in the process, which provides an inclusive environment where the victims can listen and be heard more freely. On the community level, MRE training allows NCBL to take stock of the current situation in each selected district through means of data collection and to assess its impact over time. NCBL maintains communication with participants of past MRE training and often utilizes the participants as a resource in disseminating the MRE message to a larger audience. These participants, called Resource Persons, can then further distribute MRE updates and materials on an ad-hoc basis. On a national level, NCBL publicizes mine-related events to the media to create further awareness around the country. Reporting from MRE is also often used to create pressure to the governmental agencies to sign the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions(CCM).

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