Violence in Nepal [Statistics]: Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis
A joint project of NCBL and WODES

Welcome! WODES/NCBL Data Center reviews and collects/integrates violence related data from numerous media outlets in Nepal. By simplifying access to integrated data with this online system, the data center hopes to encourage thorough mathematical analysis of the nature of violence in Nepal. In this application, the data-points are converted into easy-to-understand plots using d3.js. With enough data-points, various statistical methods will be used to effectively interpret the data to highlight useful information and suggest logical conclusions. WODES/NCBL will use these conclusions to plan and implement violence reduction techniques.

The data collection process commenced on 1st January 2013. Therefore, some analysis do not have enough datapoints. The system will improve with more datapoints and therefore is expected to provide relevant information in the long term. The data collected are strictly based on reports from numerous media firms.
Future of this online application:
  • Add new plots when new and useful data-points are recorded. Since the project is quite new, the plots that are online are only a glimpse of what our system can offer. Our sql database stores very detailed information of events. This information is then automatically plotted on our website making this system much faster and organized than traditional data management techniques, which require manual plot updates.
  • Localize data collection as much as possible. This involves establishing local bodies that can collect detailed event reports. This will make the system very accurate in the long term.
This application is under active development. More charts and more options will be added in the future. These are dynamic charts; datapoints are updated everyday.

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